I wanted to marry and the date was 27 May 1994 said Salman Khan! Who was he talking about?

First Published Jun 16, 2018, 4:32 PM IST

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was is flying high with his big budget movie Race 3 release on the occasion of Eid has spoken about his wedding to a popular magizine.  

Salman who never likes to speak about his personal life was once asked by Stardust in an interview about his marriage. It was a throwback interview which is now going viral where he wanted to marry and the bride could be Sangeeta Bijlani or somebody else. 

In an interview, when Salman was asked about tying the knot, the actor had said, "Yes, I plan to marry. When the time comes I will. It could be to Sangeeta (Bijlani) or to anybody else." 

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In the same interview, Salman had said, ''I'm arrogant! I'm not intense. I am a terrible guy. I'm arrogant! I'm rude! I'm nasty...!'' 

According to India.com, ''The two had finalized their wedding dates too.'' This date is mentioned in Salman's biography Being Salman penned by Jasim Khan where it has been revealed, ''Salman & Sangeeta were planning to tie a knot on 27 May 1994, but suddenly the event was called off.''

Not just this, Salman had confessed on filmmaker Karan Johar's chat show that he was almost about to marry Sangeeta Bijlani. "The cards and all were printed."

To which Karan asked Salman, "Did she catch you?" Salman replied by saying, "Yeah kind of..." 

Salman Khan said, "I get caught, I am stupid. I don't get caught often, I lie nowadays. I just deny the whole thing, I just lie. I swear.''

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