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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un worried as large section of country’s men face premature baldness

North Korea’s Premier Kim Jong Un is currently battling many issues from inside as well as from outside his country. His latest worry includes premature balding in a large section of North Korean men. The helpless North Korean men don't have adequate medicines and treatments in the nation as well. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un worried as large section of country's men face premature baldness avv
First Published Nov 27, 2023, 5:28 PM IST

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his nation have been in the news for dramatic reasons. The latest news from the isolated nation suggests that Kim Jong Un is extremely worried about the issue of premature baldness in North Korean men. The development was also confirmed by a doctor who fled Pyongyang.

Even South Korean experts have cited that there has been an uptick in cases of premature hair loss in North Korean men recently. According to health experts, the use of soap and laundry detergent may have been the main reason behind the hair loss problem. Harsh chemicals are used in soap and laundry detergent that could permanently damage and thicken the hairline.

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Choi Jeong Hoon, a doctor who ran away from Pyongyang to settle in South Korea has confirmed about the prevailing health situation. The senior researcher at the Public Policy Research Institute in Seoul has revealed that it is not easy for the people of North Korea to get rid of products of harsh chemicals. They have limited options in the country and most of them cannot afford to worry about premature baldness. 

The treatment cost in North Korea is very high for an ordinary citizen. Even the widely available oriental medicines such as medicinal herbs and tonics are likely to have minimal effect on the receding hairline according to Ahn Kyung Soo, head of The health blogger has argued that there aren't adequate health treatments in North Korea for hair loss.

Another health expert cited that military caps could also be one of the reasons for the medical issue. Lack of proper ventilation is likely to build up bacteria and blockage of pores that could result in the thinning of hair. North Korea has mandatory military service for North Korean men for 10 years. 

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