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Who packs the bigger punch?

When it comes to global military rankings, both Iran and Israel are holding their ground. Iran stands at the 18th position, with Israel trailing slightly at 17th.

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Population Disparity

Iran boasts a population almost eight times larger than Israel's. With 8.67 crore people, Iran significantly outnumbers Israel's 90 lakh.

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Troop Strength

In terms of active military personnel, Iran takes the lead with 5.75 lakh, while Israel's force stands at only 1.73 lakh. That's a difference of over 4 lakh soldiers.

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Reserve Force

Israel gains an advantage when it comes to reserve forces. With 4.65 lakh in its reserve, Israel surpasses Iran's 3.50 lakh

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Paramilitary Forces

In the realm of paramilitary forces, Iran holds the upper hand with 90,000 paramilitary troops, while Israel's count stands at a modest 8,000.

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Fighter Jets

Israel boasts superiority in the skies with 601 aircraft, including 241 fighter aircraft. Iran, on the other hand, fields only 541 aircraft, with 196 being fighter jets.

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Both nations maintain 126 helicopters, but Israel takes the lead when it comes to attack helicopters, with 48 compared to Iran's 12.

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In terms of tanks, Iran outnumbers Israel with 4,071 tanks compared to Israel's 2,200. Additionally, Iran has 69,685 armoured vehicles, while Israel fields 56,290

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Self-Propelled Artillery

Israel boasts 650 artillery pieces, compared to Iran's 580. Furthermore, Israel possesses 300 mobile rocket projectors, while Iran has 1,085.

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Iran flexes its naval strength with 101 ships compared to Israel's 67. The difference is even more apparent when it comes to submarines, with Iran's 19 to Israel's 5. 

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Defence Budget

In terms of defence budgets, Israel holds a substantial advantage, with a budget of 2430 crore dollars compared to Iran's previous budget of $555 million.

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