Spaghetti to Ravioli: 5 types of Pasta you can easily make at home

Unlock the secrets of homemade pasta! Learn to make classic favorites like spaghetti and lasagna, along with delightful variations like fettuccine, ravioli, and gnocchi

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You just need flour, eggs, and a bit of salt. Mix them together, knead the dough, roll it out into thin sheets, and then cut it into thin strips

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Fettuccine is similar to spaghetti but wider. You can make it using the same dough recipe as spaghetti but cut the pasta into wider strips. Fettuccine is great with creamy sauces

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Ravioli is a stuffed pasta that's easy to make at home. You make a dough similar to spaghetti or fettuccine, then roll it out into sheets. Place dollops of your chosen filling

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Lasagna involves making sheets of pasta and layering them with sauce and cheese. You can use the same dough recipe as spaghetti or fettuccine

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Gnocchi are small potato dumplings that are simple to make at home. Start by boiling potatoes until tender, then mash them and mix with flour, eggs, and salt to form a dough

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