Navratri 2024: How to make prasad for Ashtami?

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Prasad for Ashtami

One of the most cherished rituals of Ashtami is the preparation of prasad, which is offered to the goddess and then distributed among devotees as a blessed food.

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Step 1: Choose Ingredients with Devotion

Common ingredients include semolina (suji), sugar, ghee, and a variety of dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, and raisins.

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Step 2: Heat the Ghee and Roast the Semolina

In a deep-bottomed pan, heat ghee over medium heat. Then, add semolina (suji) to the pan and roast it gently until it turns golden brown and emits a fragrant aroma.

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Step 3: Boil the Water and Add Sugar

Once the semolina is roasted to perfection, slowly pour water into the pan while stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Add sugar to the mixture according to taste.

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Step 4: Simmer and Stir

Stir the mixture continuously to ensure that the semolina cooks evenly. As the mixture thickens, it will begin to leave the sides of the pan, indicating that it is ready.

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Step 5: Add Dry Fruits and Flavorings

Once the semolina is cooked to a smooth and creamy consistency, add a generous amount of chopped dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, and raisins to the mixture.

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Offer to the Goddess and Distribute as Prasad

Offer the prasad to Goddess Durga with heartfelt prayers and devotion. After the offering, distribute the blessed prasad among devotees, family members, and guests.

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