7 tips to dry clothes faster during rainy season

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1. Utilize Indoor Drying Racks:

Set up indoor drying racks in well-ventilated areas of your home, such as near windows or under ceiling fans. This allows air to circulate around your clothes.

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2. Invest in a Dehumidifier:

Place a dehumidifier near your drying area to create a drier environment and accelerate the evaporation of moisture from your laundry.

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3. Opt for Quick-Dry Fabrics:

Choose clothing made from quick-dry fabrics such as polyester or microfiber, especially for items that need to dry quickly during the monsoon season.

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4. Hang Clothes Strategically:

Hang clothes in a way that maximizes airflow and sunlight exposure. Use hangers to hang shirts and blouses, and spread out larger items like pants and towels to ensure even drying.

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5. Rotate Clothes Periodically:

Rotate clothes periodically while drying to ensure all sides are exposed to air and sunlight. This prevents damp spots from forming and helps clothes dry more evenly and quickly.

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6. Use High-Speed Spin Cycles:

Make use of the high-speed spin cycle on your washing machine to extract as much water from your clothes as possible before hanging them to dry.

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7. Finish with Ironing:

If clothes are still slightly damp after air-drying, finish them off with a quick ironing session. The heat from the iron helps remove any remaining moisture.

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