Monarch to Tiger: 7 Butterflies to look out for as Spring arrives

Embrace spring's arrival with fluttering symphony of Monarchs, Painted Ladies, Swallowtails, Blue Morphos, Peacocks, Tigers, and Common Buckeyes—nature's vibrant ballet in the air

Image credits: Pixabay

Monarch Butterfly

Known for their epic migration, Monarchs have vibrant orange wings with black veins and white spots

Image credits: PEXEL

Painted Lady Butterfly

With delicate wings featuring intricate patterns, Painted Ladies are widespread. They undergo one of the longest migrations

Image credits: PEXEL

Swallowtail Butterfly

Swallowtails boast elongated hindwings resembling swallowtail forks. Their striking colors and graceful flight make them a captivating sight in spring gardens

Image credits: PEXEL

Blue Morpho Butterfly

A dazzling tropical beauty, Blue Morphos exhibit iridescent blue wings that mesmerize observers. Their brilliant coloration is due to microscopic scales on their wing surface

Image credits: PEXEL

Peacock Butterfly

Named for its vivid eyespots resembling a peacock's tail feathers, this European beauty thrives in diverse habitats. Their intricate patterns provide excellent camouflage

Image credits: PEXEL

Tiger Butterfly

Known for bold black stripes on orange wings, Tiger Butterflies are found globally. They're adept at navigating various ecosystems

Image credits: PEXEL

Common Buckeye Butterfly

Common Buckeyes are versatile, inhabiting open fields to urban gardens. Their striking patterns serve both defensive and mating purposes

Image credits: PEXEL
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