Vishu 2024: Must try special foods during this festival

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Vishu Kanji

Vishu Kanji is only a very simple porridge cooked with a blend of rice kinds, mochai, and coconut milk.

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Vishu Katta

Vishu Katta is a nutty, crunchy dessert created by boiling rice with coconut milk and served with jaggery syrup on the side.

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Olan is an amazing vegan Kerala stew prepared with ash gourd and red beans cooked in coconut milk.

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Mango Avial

A combination of veggies and raw mango cooked in a spicy coconut, green chili, and ginger sauce seasoned with curry leaves.

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Ada payasam

Ada Pradhaman is a classic Kerala ada payasam recipe prepared from rice, coconut milk, and jaggery.

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Unniyappam or Unni Appam are delicious fritters prepared with rice, banana, a few spices, and coconut.

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