Vishu 2024 : When day and night are equal

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Balance of Light and Darkness:

On Vishu, night and day are believed to be of equal duration, symbolizing balance in nature.

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Equinox Celebration:

Vishu marks the day of the equinox, typically occurring 2 times a year.

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Sunlight is accurate:

The day and night are equally divided as the sun's rays strike 180 degrees.

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Symbolic Harmony:

The equal duration of light and darkness represents harmony, equilibrium, and the cyclical nature of life.

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Renewal and New Beginnings:

Vishu heralds the beginning of a new cycle, signifying renewal, growth, and the start of a fresh chapter.

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Cultural and Spiritual Significance:

Vishu is celebrated with rituals, prayers, and festive traditions, reflecting its cultural and spiritual importance in communities, particularly in Kerala, India.

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