VARUN: Know about Kerala police's vehicle mounted water cannon system

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First, the siren will blare. Then, Varun, the water cannon, will roar into action.

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Two Tanks

There are two tanks on top of Varun with pulsating water jets mounted on top of the vehicle.

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Rotatable platform cannons

The system can deliver a continuous or pulsating water jet through two rotatable cannons mounted on the vehicle's roof.

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Control near driver's seat

Control of these cannons are near the driver's seat. Water is sprayed using a manually controlled oscillator. Water can also be splashed while driving.

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2250 litres per minute

The pulsating capacity is 2250 LPM, meaning it can spray 2250 litres of water per minute. If needed, this can be increased to 10,000 litres.

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Capacity of Varun's water tank

The capacity of Varun's water tank is 13,000 litres. When the water runs out, the fire brigade refills the tank.

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Started in 2004

Varun made his debut in Thiruvananthapuram in 2004. It is now a part of the police force in all the districts of the state. 

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