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REVEALED! Here's how Mukesh Ambani hires his driver

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All about Mukesh Ambani's help

Have you been considering what it would take to work as Mukesh Ambani's driver? Well, that method is not simple.

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Via private business

The Ambani family reportedly hires drivers via a private contracting business. The driving staff undergoes intense training to maintain the billionaire's family's lavish lifestyle.

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Trained in difficult terrain

Capable of handling hazardous conditions and difficult terrain while running luxury and commercial cars, and they have been entrusted with driving Ambani's bulletproof vehicle.

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Should be accustomed to...

The chauffeur need to be accustomed to driving opulent, armored cars. 

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Other allowances

Additionally, according to reports, employees such as cooks, security guards, and housekeeping staff receive insurance and allowances.

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How much do they earn?

Mukesh Ambani's personal driver made almost Rs 2 lakh per month in 2017, according to Live Mint. That works out to an annual compensation of Rs 24 lakh.

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