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Bengaluru School Bomb Threat: Tighten security at educational institutions, say parents

Bengaluru, India's tech hub, rattled as 15 schools face alarming bomb threats via email, sparking panic among parents and school officials. Despite similarities to a past hoax, concerned parents swiftly fetched their children. Schools heightened security, and summoned bomb squads. Parents advocate for stricter measures as the threatening emails, originating from, cause widespread distress.

Bengaluru School Bomb Threat: Tighten security at educational institutions, say parents vkp
First Published Dec 1, 2023, 11:50 AM IST

Bengaluru, renowned as India's Silicon Valley, faced a terrifying ordeal as 15 schools across the city received chilling bomb threats through email, triggering widespread panic among parents and school authorities. The threat, although appearing as a hoax reminiscent of a similar incident from the previous year, sparked immediate concerns about the safety of the children within the educational institutions.

Expressing deep concerns about their children's safety, apprehensive parents swiftly opted to retrieve their kids from school premises, casting a shadow of worry and anxiety across the city. The gravity of the situation left schools on high alert, with authorities swiftly summoning the bomb squad to assess the threats and thoroughly investigate each affected school.

15 schools in Bengaluru receive bomb threats through e-mail

The distressing scenario hit home for many working parents in Bengaluru, an IT hub bustling with professional commitments, compounding the intensity of the situation. "While the news may be a hoax, similar to that of last year in Bengaluru, it also points towards the dire need to enhance the security and safety of children in the school premises," voiced a concerned parent whose children attend a school in Bengaluru.

The email, originating from, has drawn wide condemnation from worried parents, who passionately advocated for stringent actions against the culprit behind this harrowing incident. The threatening content of the email, bearing the signature of, utilized militant-like language.

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