Many have been venting out their frustration on social media about this email with a link to Google Docs. The email looks like it has come from a genuine source, probably someone you know. 

While Google is taking steps to protect users from the scam, here's what you need to know. 

It's a phishing scam disguised as a genuine email with a link to Google docs. It’s a hacking technique that tricks users and gives away all the private information and access to user controls of their account, sans the need for a password.

Google has reportedly taken steps to combat the attack by disabling offending accounts and pulling out fake pages. This phishing scam is sophisticated as it doesn't use malware or fake websites, rather tricks users to give them complete control, according to Wired report.  

So, next time you get an email that states someone has added you to a Google doc, you can click on the link and view it. It will take you to a page that looks legit and you can choose to view the document. The malicious service that awaits as you grant it permissions to access your account, contacts, passwords and so on. 

How to stay safe? Avoid clicking on any link, unless you are completely sure it is legit. Those who have clicked on such links, head to the Permissions page of your Google account and revoke access to Google docs. You can then change your password and turn on two-step authentication. 

In the growing online security issues, it is recommended you activate Password Alert. "If phishers have made a realistic-looking fake, Password Alert instantly suggests that you change your password and secure your account as soon as you’ve made the mistake," the report adds.