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Nearly 15% of young people are suffering from CDV, say doctors

Dr Nirag Tupkar, a cardiologist from Indore, Madhya Pradesh says that the age bracket of heart patients has come down from 60 years and above to as young as 35 years.

Nearly 15% of young people are suffering from CDV, say doctors drb
Indore, First Published Dec 23, 2021, 7:30 AM IST
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Cardiovascular Diseases (CDV) continues to be a leading cause of death across the world, including India. Conditions such as heart attack and a stroke have been a major cause of concern for years and continue to be one even today.

While most heart patients would earlier come from a senior age bracket, a dreading trend of CDVs among younger people, including women, is being seen these days. Blame it on erratic diets, smoking habits, lack of exercise or stress - these factors have been some of the leading factors for causing CDV among those below 50.

According to cardiologist Dr Nirag Tupkar, roughly 10 per cent to 15 per cent of people between the age of 35 to 45 are turning out to be heart patients. Informing about this, Dr Tupkar says, "Heart diseases are increasingly being seen in young patients. Earlier, people above 60 years of age would complain of heart diseases. Nowadays, people as young as 35 are suffering from it."

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He says that it is largely the lifestyle that has changed the dynamics of heart patients. "One of the leading causes for this is a sedentary lifestyle. People have an odd lifestyle which comprises little or no exercise, consumption of packaged or junk food, increased addiction to alcohol, tobacco and narcotic substances, and sleep deprivation. All these factors increase the chances of developing heart-related problems," he said, adding that there is an immediate need to bring in a positive change in one's lifestyle in order to keep his/her heart, healthy.

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Highlighting the role of 'undue stress', he further adds: "One must understand that stress is only causing harm to your heart. The amount of stress that the young ones are bombarded with have thrown them inviting several diseases including CDV. Whether it is work-related stress or performance-related stress, even slight trouble is causing tension. This needs to be brought down, and can be achieved by some spiritual inclination such as yoga or meditation."

Dr Tupkar, rejecting crash diets, says that "crash diets may give immediate results in weight loss, but they are highly unhealthy and also lead to loss of vitamins". He also said that in order to avoid any heart related diseases, a person must exercise a minimum of 180 minutes per week.

Tips for a healthy heart:

- Do moderate-intensity workouts on a daily basis and for a minimum of 180 minutes a week.
- Eat home-cooked meals
-Meditate or perform yoga
-Have enough and proper sleep
-Avoid smoking or drinking
-Refrain from crash diets
-Reduce working hours and other factors leading to stress

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