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KK first death anniversary: Singer died due to cardiac arrest; 5 things that were ignored

Today is KK's first death anniversary; the singer died in Kolkata on May 31 last year due to cardiac arrest. On his first death anniversary, we will shed light on some factors that might have saved his life.

KK first death anniversary: Singer died due to cardiac arrest; 5 things that were ignored RBA
First Published May 31, 2023, 8:55 AM IST

Even though it's been a year, it's still difficult to accept that singing superstar KK died on this day a year ago. KK--the significance of these two initials for his supporters worldwide is enormous. His tunes constantly established a new tone and influenced our entire age. KK and his music have always been a staple in my life, whether in school, college or work. Yaaron Dosti's 1999 song still makes people homesick and long for their pals. 

How KK died?
KK died on May 31, 2022, due to a heart attack while performing in Kolkata. After performing at Nazrul Manch, he became sick and was taken to the CMRI hospital. When the medics arrived, they proclaimed him dead. Jyothy Krishna, KK's wife, survives him. They have two children, Nakul and Taamara.

KK's post-mortem: 
The preliminary findings of KK's post-mortem examination revealed that he died from cardiac arrest. This indicates that KK was not feeling well and was suffering from cardiac problems. Police from KK's room found ten medications. These include acid-reducing and syrups, Vitamin C, liver, Ayurvedic, and homoeopathic medications.

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KK first death anniversary: Singer died due to cardiac arrest; 5 things that were ignored RBA

Here are 5 blunders that should have been avoided:
First: According to reports, a layer of fat has been discovered around KK's heart, and the cardiac valves have been discovered to be constricted. That implies his heart would have been under a lot of strain. On May 31, KK's body sent him several warning signs, which he may have ignored. KK's premature death demonstrates that we should not overlook those warning signs.

Second: According to KK's manager, on the morning of May 31, the singer informed him he was fatigued and that he was feeling exhausted- maybe the first warning sign that was ignored.

Third: According to reports, KK contacted his wife to tell her he was having discomfort in his left shoulder and arm, which again indicates a heart attack, as per many doctors, but the singer ignored it.

Fourth: KK remained on stage at the Nazrul Mancha for about 2 hours - during the performance, KK was seen wiping his sweat and taking brief pauses (this signal was also ignored), maybe under the impression that the hall was too packed, and the AC was not working.

Fifth: The worst mistake that caused the singer his life - his health deteriorated to the point where KK had to leave the venue at about 8.40 pm. Rather than going to the hospital, he went to his hotel. In cardiac arrest situations, the first few minutes are critical, depending on how the patient is managed. 

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KK first death anniversary: Singer died due to cardiac arrest; 5 things that were ignored RBA

Sixth and the most important: KK missed the 'Golden Hour'
A private hospital was only 5 minutes from Nazrul Manch, while KK's hotel was about 15 minutes away. He could have lived if KK had gone to the hospital right away. He instead headed to his hotel. KK injured himself after falling over while sitting on the sofa at the hotel. He was still alive at the moment, which was at 9.15 pm. He was hurried to the hospital as his health deteriorated, but over an hour was lost. He arrived at the CMRI Hospital in Kolkata at about 10:15 p.m. and was certified dead by then.

In KK's case, nearly an hour and a half were wasted, which physicians call the Golden Hour since the sooner a patient arrives at the hospital, the better his chances of survival.

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