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Beware! ‘Smoking biggest factor among young heart patients’, say doctors

Doctors are of the opinion that the biggest factor for heart problems among young patients is smoking.

Beware Smoking biggest factor among young heart patients say doctors drb
Indore, First Published Dec 24, 2021, 5:00 AM IST
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Heart problems have started to increase among young patients these days. Doctors are of the opinion that most heart-related diseases among youngsters below 45 years of age are caused due to smoking.

In a conversation with this reporter, Dr Alkesh Jain, Cardiologist, Medanta Hospital, Indore (Madhya Pradesh) said that “smoking is the biggest factor for heart-related issues among youngsters”. “Roughly three per cent to four per cent Indians suffer from heart-related issues. The data is the same among the youth too, as approximately three out of 100 youngsters have heart-related issues,” said Dr Jain.

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He further said that lately, heart-related problems have increased among the youngsters. Though smoking is one of the largest factors for this, it is not the only cause, he said. Sharing more details on this, Dr Jain said, “Dietary habits and lack of exercise are also some of the major factors behind it. However, heart diseases are also hereditary among many. For instance, if a person’s parent has had a heart-related issue in their younger days (the 30s or 40s), the person ought to have it too around the same age. Thus, we advise them to undergo executive health check-ups after they turn 25.”

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Watch out for these symptoms:
Pain in the chest or left arm
Breathlessness after 10 or 15 minutes of workout
Pain while walking
Pain in the lower jaw

‘70% to 80% heart-related deaths can be stopped’: Dr Jain said that if preventive measures such as frequent check-ups, a healthy diet, and a healthy lifestyle are maintained, 70% to 80% of heat-related deaths can be stopped.

Menstrual cycle safeguards women from heart problems: Women are naturally protected from heart diseases while they are menstruating. According to Dr Jain, women in their menopause are equally prone to heart diseases as men. At the same time, diabetic menstruating women are also more prone to heart diseases.

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