With heavy rains, cases of fish being killed by the dozens is resurfacing again. Like last year, Ulsoor lake has become the first casualty to pollution this time.

Rains have resulted in overflowing of sewage and garbage that has seeped into the clean water and has polluted the lake again. Although the officials may deny the fact, the evidence like floating materials, dead fish, black water in wetlands and the bad smell emanating from the lake will be enough to nail their lies.

When Newsable tried to contact Chief Engineer Lakes, Somashekhar and Assistant Executive Engineer of Shivajinagar Sub-Division and in charge of Ulsoor ward, there was no response.

A private contractor  who has been given the maintenance work or Ulsoor denied any incidence of fish kills and said, "These are only floating garbage that has seeped into lakes due to heavy rains, and it will be cleaned.”

The dead fish has started floating from the Annaswami Mudaliar Road entrance. It is suspected that the two inlets on these stretch are not covered with garbage and silt traps and hence flooding of garbage into the lake.

"The BBMP which is responsible for keeping the lake clean has once again failed to put the garbage trap. Had they spent about Rs 5,000, the seeping of garbage could have been prevented, and this death may have been prevented," said Ram Prasad, co-founder Friends of Lakes.

He further added that few of the dead fish that are floating are of cat fish and it is one of the strongest fish in nature that can survive in tough conditions. Imagine if catfish cannot survive in Ulsoor lake, other fish variety will also die. The dead cat fish have just started to float, and soon more fish that have died will float and come onto the lake shore.