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Bengaluru fraud scheme uncovered: Mastermind behind Rs 5 crore job scam arrested

Bengaluru police arrest scammer KV Pawan Kumar, who swindled ₹5 crore from job seekers with fake IT job promises. His capture, orchestrated by victims posing as investors, brings relief to those defrauded. Pawan faces legal consequences for exploiting hopeful job seekers with deceitful schemes.

Bengaluru fraud scheme uncovered: Mastermind behind Rs 5 crore job scam arrested vkp
First Published Nov 30, 2023, 12:46 PM IST

The Bengaluru police have apprehended a scam artist who duped scores of job seekers, promising lucrative employment opportunities in the IT sector. KV Pawan Kumar, hailing from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, lured hopeful individuals by setting up fraudulent companies in Whitefield Techpark.

Pawan, who completed an MBA, initially arrived in the city hunting for work but soon turned to fraudulent means to amass wealth. Under the guise of two sham software companies, SIMAKH TECHNOLOGY and MONTY CORPS, he targeted educated individuals primarily from Andhra Pradesh. Exploiting their aspirations, he claimed to offer positions within his fabricated firms, enticing victims with promises of hefty annual packages amounting to five lakhs.

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His cunning scheme involved extorting large sums, ranging from one to two lakhs, from vulnerable job seekers in exchange for the illusion of employment. Operating within HiFi Tech Park, Pawan handed out second-hand laptops as tools for work, along with false assurances of salaries. However, once he collected the money, he promptly shuttered his deceitful enterprises and absconded, leaving a trail of distress and financial loss among his victims.

Reports suggest that Pawan managed to swindle an estimated ₹5 crore from over 500 individuals desperately seeking employment opportunities. His targets were left disillusioned and dismayed, having placed their trust and hard-earned money in his fraudulent schemes.

However, justice finally caught up with the deceitful perpetrator as Bangalore's Whitefield Police Station received multiple complaints against him. Responding swiftly, authorities registered a case and apprehended Pawan, who had fled to Delhi to evade capture.

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The dramatic capture unfolded when a group of aggrieved victims devised a clever plan to lure Pawan back to Bengaluru. Posing as prospective employees willing to invest, they enticed him to return to the city. Alerted by their call, Pawan hastened back, only to be met by law enforcement waiting to bring him to justice.

The arrest of the scam artist has brought relief to the disillusioned victims who were defrauded by his promises. Pawan Kumar now faces legal repercussions for his elaborate scam that exploited the aspirations of many hopeful job seekers.

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