Kolkata: A shocking incident took place in the Raghunathpur area of Domkal, Murshidabad. In a well-known street, a group of miscreants led by a Trinamool booth president fired shots continuously, targeting party supporters. As a result, a Trinamool party activist named Anwar Sayed Johnny was seriously injured and is fighting death at Murshidabad Medical College Hospital.

The victim's family lodged a written complaint at the Domkal Police Station on Sunday (August 30) evening against nine people. Murshidabad Additional Superintendent of Police Tanmoy Sarkar said, "A written complaint has been lodged in the police station. Police are searching for the accused and an investigation has been launched. No more information can be shared now.”

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According to sources, the family of Trinamool worker Pintu have been involved in huge scuffles with Trinamool activist Anwar Sayed Johnny from a long time. On August 30, the tiff started over the rice bag of Anwar's shop being placed on the footpath. In an instant, the street turned into a battlefield. Pintu summoned Trinamool booth president Razzak Sheikh Saftar, Asadul Sheikh, and others from nearby villages to teach Anwar a lesson.

Pintu said, “Trinamool booth president Razzak and his team entered the area to teach Anwar a lesson. They fired with the pistol. Shots were fired 6 times in a row.” Trinamool activist Anwar Sayed Johnny was seriously injured in the incident.

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After bullets were fired, an huge fight broke out between the two groups of people. The Murshidabad district Trinamool leadership has denied any involvement in the incident.

Abu Taher Khan, Trinamool MP from Murshidabad Lok Sabha constituency, said, “As far as I know, no Trinamool group has any issue here from the beginning. The incident is due to a personal tiff between the two neighbors.”