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Teachers’ organisations protest for receiving reduced salary; WB Education Department faces questions

Teachers sat for SSC examinations again to get jobs in schools near their homes. Even after passing the examination, teachers have been made to do with reduced salaries. Teacher’s organisations have demanded that the state education department provide security for the teachers’ salaries and jobs.

Teachers organisations protest for receiving reduced salary West Bengal Education Department faces questions -dbr
West Bengal, First Published Aug 29, 2020, 6:40 PM IST
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Kolkata: After passing the School Service Commission examination, people got jobs as teachers in schools. Many teachers obtained jobs in schools which are far away from their homes. The process of changing schools is time-consuming. So instead of waiting for the government’s decision, the teachers sat for the new SSC (School Service Commission) examination to get jobs in a school near their homes. After passing the SSC examination again, many teachers obtained a job in schools near their homes. But the salary which was given was very less compared to what they received before. Many teachers have complained about the issue.

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The schoolteachers said, “We sat again for the SSC examination to work in a school near our homes. According to the government rules, it takes a long time to apply for a school near our home. Again, there is uncertainty about whether there will be a vacancy for the job in the school near our homes. Therefore, we didn’t wait and sat for the test.”

After getting a job in a school near their home, the teachers saw that their salary was reduced by about 10-15 thousand rupees. They are also getting paid the same as new teachers who joined recently and have no experience in teaching. In this situation, the teachers complained that they are not receiving the value of their previous teaching experience.

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“Why such pay inequality with experienced teachers? Why don't they get paid like Honors graduate teachers?” leaders of several teachers' organisations have raised this question while protesting. Teacher organisations have demanded that the state education department provide security for teachers’ salaries and jobs.


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