Bengaluru: Health and Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar has said that all district hospitals will have Post-COVID care and rehabilitation centres.

Speaking to the media Sudhakar stated "Post-COVID care centres and rehabilitation centres will be set up in each district hospital across the state to check the condition of recovered patients".

A decision has been taken in this regard in a high-level meeting chaired by the Minister with members of the technical advisory committee and experts in Vidhana Soudha on Thursday.

Addressing the media after the meeting, Sudhakar said that there is a need to take care of infected persons even after they are cured. Bowring hospital, Victoria and KC general hospitals in Bengaluru will have rehabilitation centres.

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Similarly, all district hospitals will also have rehabilitation centres and necessary infrastructure and staff will be provided after the committee submit its report, he said.

"Experts have the opinion that 5% people may contact the virus after recovery. Intensity of the infection will be less in those who had critical infection earlier. Similarly, those who had no symptoms during the first time may have more problems during the second time. Therefore, recovered patients must follow guidelines" Sudhakar added.

Meanwhile instructions have been passed to study in detail and submit a report on COVID-19 related deaths. A study is also commissioned on reinfection in recovered patients. The reports will be submitted soon.