New Delhi: With several rape cases coming to light in the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued advisory to states on dealing with crimes against women.

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Saturday has directed the police to strictly adhere to guidelines and adopt stringent action while dealing with cases related to crimes against women.

The directive comes after the Uttar Pradesh police was backlashed for its handling of the Hathras case.

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The police have drawn flak for allegedly intimidating the kin of the deceased, refusing to hand over the body of the victim to the family, and collecting forensic samples 11 days after the crime.

The statement from the MHA says “It is requested that states/UTs may suitably issue instructions to all concerned to ensure strict compliance with the provisions in the law. It is also requested to monitor the cases on the Investigation Tracking System for Sexual Offences (ITSSO) to ensure that suitable follow up action is taken for the charge of the guilty in a timely manner as required in the law”.

Explaining the guidelines and laws enacted to probe cases of sexual offences, the MHA told states to ensure mandatory registration of FIRs and take action against officers who refuse to register an FIR in cases of rape and other crimes against women.