Bengaluru: The department of Pre-University education has decided to cut down the syllabus of 33 subjects for first and second PU students for the current year.

Other than the science subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology the department of PU education has decided to cut down the syllabus of all other 33 subjects.

The revised curriculum will be applicable only for the academic year 2020-21.

The science syllabus has been decided to be retained exactly as done by the CBSE education board.

 In the other 33 subjects, Carnatic music has been left out from the process of cutting down as no student sought admission into this course for the last two years.

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Director of the department also noted that the central government has cut down syllabus for first to 12th standard by 30 percent and that this step has been taken as per the instructions of the state government.

Addressing the media "Members of the textbook committee and revision committee have reported the things which can be cut down. Information about the syllabus that has been cut down is available on the department website" the director stated.