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Delhi: Biryani vendor's use of Lord Ram image on paper plates sparks outrage, police probes matter (WATCH)

The controversy surrounding a biryani vendor in Jahangirpuri, Delhi, accused of using paper plates with images of Lord Ram, sparks widespread outrage and discussions on social media, prompting police intervention and calls for accountability.

Delhi Biryani vendor's use of Lord Ram image on paper plates sparks outrage, police probes matter (WATCH) snt
First Published Apr 23, 2024, 12:29 PM IST

In a shocking incident that has sparked outrage across Delhi, a biryani vendor in Jahangirpuri finds himself at the center of controversy. Allegations have surfaced that the vendor was selling biryani by placing it in a paper plate that had a picture of Lord Ram. The incident, captured on video, has gone viral, prompting widespread condemnation and calls for action.

In the video, the vendor was discovered selling biryani with paper plates featuring the cover a book called 'Ramayana Unravelled' by Ami Ganatra. This act, perceived by many as disrespectful and offensive, has triggered strong reactions from the public, with sentiments of religious sensitivity deeply wounded.

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The Jahangirpuri police swiftly intervened, leading to the arrest of the accused. As investigations unfold, the police are exploring various angles to the case. Among them is the question of whether the vendor's actions were driven by a desire for marketing attention or a deliberate attempt to provoke religious sentiments.

Delhi, known for its vibrant food culture, holds a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts nationwide. From the bustling streets of Old Delhi to modern eateries, the city boasts a rich tapestry of culinary delights. Biryani, a beloved dish among many, is cherished for its aromatic flavors and rich heritage.

However, the incident in Jahangirpuri has cast a shadow over the culinary landscape, leaving many questioning the boundaries of respect and tolerance.

As the police continue their investigation, the incident has ignited discussions on social media platforms. Netizens have expressed their shock and dismay, condemning the alleged act of using religious symbols for commercial gain. The video of the incident circulating online has amplified the public outcry, fueling demands for accountability and justice.

"Jahangirpuri is located in Delhi inundated by Muslims. In the Year 2022 during Hanuman Jayanti riots erupted when a Hindu procession was attacked by peaceful. Today is Hanuman Jayanti such an act as uncanny resembles 2022 and looks like a deliberate attempt to incite Hindus. Imagine the outrage if Hindus did such things during Muslim festivals. Stern action needs to be taken against miscreants creating such communal tensions," noted on irked user on X.

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Another added, "Strict action should be taken against such intruders. Apart from insulting our religion by adopting all kinds of tactics, they are also becoming a very serious problem for our sisters, daughters and children."

A third enraged user on X added, "The producer of such paper plates must also be arrested."

Several users also tagged Ami Ganatra to bring to this incident to her notice, with one user stating, "Your book cover being wrongly used. Could be from printing press."

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