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'Day Modi opens his mouth...': PM threatens to expose INDIA Bloc's 'sins of seven generations' (WATCH)

PM Modi sharpened his attack against the INDIA bloc, accusing it of making the Army a "weapon of politics" and said there cannot be a "bigger sin than this".

Day Modi opens his mouth... PM threatens to expose INDIA Bloc's 'sins of seven generations' (WATCH) snt
First Published May 30, 2024, 5:15 PM IST

In a fiery speech during his final rally for the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a scathing attack on the INDIA bloc, accusing them of politicizing the armed forces and branding it as a grave sin. He lambasted the opposition, particularly the Congress and its allies, alleging persistent efforts to undermine the strength of the Indian military.

PM Modi's criticism was fueled by the ongoing controversy surrounding the Agnipath scheme, with the Congress vowing to abolish it if they assume power. He reiterated his commitment to modernize and empower the Indian defense forces, emphasizing self-reliance as a crucial goal.

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However, PM Modi asserted that the opposition's hostility towards his defense initiatives stems from their vested interests in preserving avenues for illicit financial gains. He painted their criticism as a backlash against his efforts to combat corruption and ensure transparency in governance.

"It is clear that we need to keep all things in mind to see with whom we fight... and we have to prepare our army accordingly," he said addressing a rally in Hoshiarpur.

The Prime Minister emphasized that armies exist not merely for ceremonial occasions like Republic Day parades, but primarily to defend the nation, confront adversaries, and safeguard the homeland. He lamented that the opposition had manipulated the armed forces for political gain, branding it as a grievous transgression. According to Modi, politicizing the military represents an egregious offense, surpassing any other wrongdoing.

"I am telling the INDI alliance that I am silent. Do not make any mistake in understanding Modi. The day Modi opens his mouth, I will bring out all your sins out -- 'saat peedhi ke paap' (sins of seven generations)," he said.

PM Modi highlighted Punjab's rich history of bravery and valour, but he accused the INDIA bloc of consistently disrespecting the courageous individuals of the region at every opportunity.

"They are those people who had insulted our late Army chief Bipin Rawat, calling him 'gali ka gunda'. It was not only the insult of General Rawat but also of each soldier of the country," said the prime minister.

PM Modi directed his criticism towards opposition leaders, alleging that they were the same individuals who had previously demanded evidence for the success of surgical strikes.

"They are those people who gave clean chit to China during the 1962 Indo-China war. They insult the Indian Army every other day," he said.

PM Modi criticized both the Congress and the INDIA bloc, accusing them of consistently undermining the Army's strength. Directing his criticism towards the Congress, Modi highlighted instances such as the Jeep scam, Bofors scandal, submarine procurement issues, and Army truck controversies, asserting that they consistently neglected the needs of the military.

"They only made plans to loot and empty the government exchequer by indulging in corruption, " he alleged.

He leveled an accusation against the Congress, alleging that they had shelved the Tejas fighter plane project.

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"They kept the issue of CDS (Chief of Defence staff) hanging for many years. They are those people who did not allow important reforms for many years to modernise the Army," he said.

PM Modi also took aim at the Congress over the One Rank One Pension (OROP) issue, asserting that the party had deceived ex-servicemen for four decades with false promises on this matter.

"How they throw dust in the eyes of soldiers," he said, recalling that it was his government which implemented OROP.

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