An unusual incident took place in Asansol where a COVID patient reported dead was found sitting on a sofa and watching television. Health workers of Asansol received news that a person died due to COVID-19. Upon receiving the news, the health workers rushed to retrieve the body.

The health workers parked the ambulance in front of the COVID patient’s house and entered the house. They were shocked to see the COVID patient sitting on the sofa and watching television. After realizing what had happened, health workers expressed their anger.

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According to sources, the man who was reported dead is a resident of Dhadika in Asansol. His name is Soumen Chatterjee. After interrogation, health workers got to know that Soumen’s mother caused the incident.

Soumen Chatterjee’s mother Rekha Chattopadhyay is mentally unstable. She called the officials of Asansol North police station and informed them that her son had died due to COVID. The police took immediate action after receiving the mother's phone call. Police informed the health department and made arrangements to recover the body quickly.

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The Asansol Health Department is outraged by the incident. When there are so many complaints against the health service department in times of COVID, such incidents are unprecedented when it comes to rescuing the body of a patient infected with COVID.

It has been reported that Soumen Chattopadhyay works in a private company in Pakur, Jharkhand. He returned home after being ill for a few days. Soumen said that his mother was mentally unstable. Therefore, she made such a strange phone call. Police also conducted an investigation.