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Bengaluru metro shocker: Woman groped inside train, user shares experience on Reddit

Bengaluru's Reddit highlights harassment incidents, including a distressing metro encounter. A woman faced inappropriate physical contact amid overcrowding. Despite seeking help, no aid was received. Reddit community offers support, advises filing complaints, stressing the need to address public harassment.

Bengaluru metro shocker: Woman groped inside train, user shares experience on Reddit vkp
First Published Nov 22, 2023, 11:31 AM IST

Recent incidents of harassment reported on the Bengaluru subreddit have brought renewed attention to safety concerns in Bengaluru. Users' accounts of distressing experiences in auto-rickshaws, metro stations, and other areas have highlighted a growing issue. Among these shared encounters, a woman's troubling incident in the city's metro stands out as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by commuters.

The unsettling incident shared on Reddit involved a female passenger's distressing encounter during a crowded morning commute. As detailed by the Reddit user @proteincarbs, her friend, who typically relied on buses for travel, opted for the metro one Monday morning. The Majestic station witnessed extreme overcrowding around 8:50 AM, providing an opportune moment for a man in a red shirt to attempt inappropriate physical contact with the woman.

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Narrating the distressing episode, the Reddit user recounted how the initial actions of the perpetrator went unnoticed. However, the woman soon realized that she was being inappropriately touched and grabbed by the man behind her. Alas, upon her turning around, the assailant promptly fled the scene, leaving the victim in distress. Despite her calls for help in the crowded metro, no assistance was forthcoming, intensifying her anguish.

The Reddit user sought advice and guidance from the online community. Responding promptly, fellow Reddit users offered support and suggestions. Notably, an individual associated with the metro organization encouraged filing a complaint, citing the extensive CCTV surveillance within metro premises. Others extended help and resources to address the issue, emphasizing the importance of addressing harassment in public spaces.

My friend was GROPED in the Metro!!!!!!
byu/proteincarbs inbangalore
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