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India will go bankrupt like Pakistan, Afghanistan if it becomes Hindu nation: K’taka CM's son

Former Karnataka Congress MLA Yathindra Siddaramaiah warned against India turning into a Hindu nation, drawing parallels with Pakistan and Afghanistan's troubles. He accused the BJP and RSS of eroding secularism, urging inclusive governance. Siddaramaiah advocated for minority representation, hinted at his father's continued leadership, and stressed unity. Congress MLC BK Hariprasad labelled the Ayodhya event political, invoking potential communal tensions like Godhra.

'India risks bankruptcy like Pakistan, Afghanistan if it becomes Hindu nation': Ex K'taka Congress MLA warns vkp
First Published Jan 3, 2024, 4:51 PM IST

Karnataka Congress former MLA Yathindra Siddaramaiah stirred controversy with his remarks on the direction of the country's governance in his recent public appearance at the Sangolli Rayanna statue installation program in Rudranakatte village, Davangere taluk, He expressed concern about certain factions pushing for India to become a Hindu nation, drawing parallels with the troubled paths taken by Pakistan and Afghanistan due to religious-driven governance.

Highlighting the risks of abandoning secular principles, Yathindra cautioned against the potential consequences, citing the bankruptcies and setbacks faced by nations swayed by religious dictatorships. He attributed the looming threat to secularism to political entities, specifically calling out the BJP and its parent organization, the RSS, for allegedly undermining the secular fabric of the nation.

Congress leader BK Hariprasad sparks controversy, warns of Godhra-like tragedy in Karnataka

Siddaramaiah emphasized the importance of inclusivity and progress, urging a reflection on history to avoid repeating past mistakes. He pointed out the societal imbalance, noting the underrepresentation of minorities in positions of power, urging for a more equitable distribution of opportunities and influence.

Additionally, he indirectly addressed his aspirations for continued leadership, suggesting unity and a prolonged tenure as Chief Minister for his father Siddaramaiah. He also stressed that if Siddaramaiah needs to be continued as a CM of Karnataka for five years, everyone needs to be united. 

Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Witnessing Ayodhya's cultural rebirth (WATCH)

Earlier in the day, Congress MLC BK Hariprasad added fuel to the ongoing discourse, raising eyebrows with his remarks regarding the Ayodhya inauguration program. He labelled the Ram Mandir inauguration event is more more political than religious, and sparked comparisons to potential communal tensions akin to the Godhra tragedy in Karnataka.

Expressing reservations about the nature of the event and questioning the absence of certain religious leaders, Hariprasad injected another layer of controversy into the discussion surrounding religious events and their political implications.

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