Bantwal: The murder of rowdy sheeter and actor Surendra Bantwal at Vasti Katta, Bastipadpu on October 21, has raised concerns in the police establishment about the growing brazenness of the underworld.

It is now reported that Surendra Bantwal was murdered by his close aid Satish who had been by his side for the last 22 years.

According to sources Satish has confessed through a voice message that he murdered Surendra and he would surrender to the police in two days.

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It is reported that in the voice message Satish allegedly confessed that the murder was an act of revenge against the murder of another rowdy sheeter named Kishan Hegde.

The murder of Kishan Hegde, a local rowdy-sheeter and businessman opened the gates for a series of revenge murders between underworld gangs in Dakshina Kannada. Kishan was killed on September 24 in Hiriadka, Udupi district.

The recent murder of bar owner Manish alias Sarvottam Shetty who was shot and then hacked to death by assailants on Brigade Road on October 15 also seems to have been the fallout of gang rivalries within the Mangaluru underworld, the police probe revealed.

Following the gap of a few years, the underworld gangsters in Dakshina Kannada are flaunting their muscle power and settling their score through murders.