With the implementation of The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights of Marriage) Act 2019, many women are using this as a tool to protect themselves from “monstrous husbands and in-laws”. In the latest case, Subhan Khan, a 27-year-old was arrested after he allegedly pronounced “Talaq, Talaq, Talaq” on July 24.

The woman who tried to save her marriage failed to get any result and in the process was also allegedly slapped and tortured by her sister-in-law Husntara Khan

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Following a complaint against her husband and sister-in-law, Shanthi Nagar police arrested and booked the siblings under relevant sections of the IPC

It is said, the brother-sister duo would often pass comments and the husband would question her character while the sister-in-law would allegedly harass and slap her for not getting a car as dowry from her family.