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Reddy puzzle: 'No income' but crores spent on invitation?

  • Jailed ex-politician Gali Janardhan reddy has been criticised for spending crores on his daughters' wedding invitation
  • His Bellary competitor Tapal Ganesh has sought information on the source of these funds as Reddy officially has no source of income
Reddy puzzle No income but crores spent on invitation


As per media reports, jailed ex-minister Gali Janardhana Reddy has spent ₹5 crore on the fabulously cheesy Tollywood-style wedding invitation of his daughter's wedding.


The extravagant video and gift of TV sets to the invitees is being questioned now, since the assets of the good minister have been technically seized by the CBI over illegal mining/corruption allegations.


Bellari's Tapal Ganesh, a mine owner and a politician based in Bellary, has now sought information on the source of these funds as Reddy officially has no source of income since his temporary release from jail after a 40-month stint inside. He was granted bail by the Supreme Court in January of 2015.


The CBI estimates his 'stashed' wealth at ₹5000 crore, a claim vehemently denied by Reddy's lawyers.


Reddy, who had launched the BSR Congress party (Badavara, Shramikara Raitara Congress Party),  was jailed in 2009 for illegal iron ore mining. His three brothers and the then Karnataka chief minister Yeddyurappa were also co-accused in the scandal.


“One cannot imagine the expenditure Reddy would incur for the marriage,” Ganesh said at a press conference.


Ganesh also said, “I am not against the wedding but only concerned about the source of income. For the records, CBI has seized Reddy’s properties. He is still under trial and cannot take up any business deals. So where is he getting the money from,” Ganesh asked.


However, the CBI's 'seizure' of Reddy’s property itself looks questionable as it found only ₹65 crore property on him. The CBI also had impounded Reddy’s 15-kg gold throne, Bell Helicopter (Rukmini), and a collection of luxury Rolls-Royce cars worth ₹5 crore. Also, a fleet of luxury cars such as Maserati, Volkswagen, BMW, Continental GT Coupea, Range Rover sports car, Mercedes-Benz limousine, Toyota Land Cruiser, an Audi and Mitsubishi Pajeros, besides a dozen Indian cars were seized.


However, even in the midst of this, Reddy was able to gift a gold crown studded with diamonds, weighing 31 kg, worth ₹45 crore, to the Tirupati temple.


So the question is, why is the Income Tax Department or the State or Union government still mum over the issue, asked Ganesh.


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