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Did police force Nadirshah to give statement against Dileep?

  • A voice clip, allegedly of Nadirshah, is circulating on social media
  • The clip says police asked his brother to give statement against Dileep
  • It also says that it's better to poison the actor than trapping him with a lie
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A voice clip is doing rounds on social media in which director Nadirshah can be allegedly heard saying that he is not ready to state actor Dileep. The sound is very much similar to that of the director, but he has not confirmed that it's his voice. 

The person can be heard saying that police officials summoned his brother Samad to the police club and threatened to include him in the list of accused if he won't give the statement against Dileep in actress attack case.

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"Your brother Nadirshah knows everything. He is hiding facts, but the police got evidence against him. If you won't reveal everything, you know about Dileep we will make sure that you are also included in the list of accused persons. You should make Nadirshsh understand the consequences and make arrangements for a meeting between your brother and Special Investigation Team, a police officer told my brother," states the voice clip. 

The officials also said that they would meet me at the place I suggest, the voice alleges. 

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"I have informed everything I know about the case. However, I can't lie about him. I told police that it's better to give him poison than to trap my friend by saying a lie," the voice says. 

The voice also says that he doesn't have to blame Dileep to escape. I got two daughters. I am sure that Dileep is innocent in this case. I am not going to trap him by giving false statements, the voice can be heard saying. 

Both Nadirshah and Dileep were questioned in Aluva police club for 13 hours, and it was after that the actor was arrested. It is also not clear whether the voice clip was recorded after Dileep's arrest or before that. 

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