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Why Raman Pillai's conspiracy theory might not save Dileep?

  • Advocate Raman Pillai appeared for the accused in TP murder case
  • The main evidence used by police to prove conspiracy was mobile tower location
  • In actress attack case police is using same evidence to prove conspiracy
Dileep bail plea T P murder advocate Raman Pillai
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The Kerala High Court will consider Dileep's bail plea on Tuesday. This time senior Advocate B Raman Pillai will represent the actor in the court. 

On going through the case history, we found that the actor's case has some curious connections with the murder of T P Chandrasekharan, founder of Revolutionary Marxist Party.

The most prominent among them is the presence of Advocate B Raman Pillai.

The lawyer had appeared for the accused in TP murder case and had saved many CPM leaders who were named accused in the case. Like in Dileep case, the main contention raised by police in TP Case was a conspiracy, and the counsel managed to prove this wrong and save his clients. 

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One of the evidence presented by the police to prove conspiracy in TP case was that all the accused were present in the same mobile tower at a given date and time. This is much similar to the evidence put forward by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in the case of Dileep. 

He is also alleged to have conspired in the actress attack case and one of the crucial evidence is that the actor and prime accused Pulsar Suni were present under same mobile tower on several occasions.

However, Raman Pillai, in Dileep's bail plea, has said that this cannot be accepted as evidence as Suni was the driver of actor Mukesh during the period. Further, both locations mentioned by police, one a hotel in Ernakulam and other a cinema shooting location, are common places where actors come together and hence several other would have been under same tower location. 

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Dileep has always stood by his statement that he has never met Pulsar Suni. However, his manager Appunni had told police that the actor was with him when Suni called over the phone. 

The bail plea points out that Suni had sent a person to Dileep's driver and his friend director Nadirshah to get access to the actor. The petition also asks how a criminal like Suni won't have the phone number of the man who hired him. It further states that the actor cannot be accused of conspiracy just because he happened to be in the same tower location of the accused. 

Unlike in TP murder case, police got pictures of Dileep and Suni together from the location of Georgettan's Pooram. Police have also got evidence to prove that the room in Abad Plaza, where Dileep is alleged to have conspired with Suni, was booked in the name of the actor.

The witness statements and hotel bill also confirms the point that the actor and accused were present in the room together on the stipulated date. 

However, like in TP murder case, police got no direct evidence to prove conspiracy in actress attack case. The only evidence that they were able to gather was the statement of prime accused, mobile tower location, hotel bills and statements of the hotel staff. It is to be seen how an expert criminal lawyer like Raman Pillai will be able to turn the case around. 

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