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Woman shot dead in Afghanistan for wearing 'tight dress'

A young woman in Afghanistan was reportedly shot dead just for wearing 'tight clothes' by Taliban terrorists. It is believed that the Taliban has captured about 100 women and girls to be handed over to terrorists engaged in war as a 'gift'.

Woman shot dead in Afghanistan for wearing tight dress-ycb
Bengaluru, First Published Aug 10, 2021, 12:37 PM IST

What Afghans feared after the US announced pulling out troops from Afghanistan earlier has become true, the return of religious extremism and barbarism had resurfaced after the Taliban shot a 21-year-old woman just for wearing tight clothes.

The reports also say that the Taliban which is formed on religious fundamentalism also targeted the women for moving alone and for not having a male companion.

The shameful incident was reported from Samar Qandian, a village in Balkh Province and the victim has been identified as Nazanin.

It is said that the women and young girls in Afghanistan are fleeing to a safer place after the Taliban forces started to expand.

The place in which the heinous incident was reported was believed to have taken place a few days ago, is now by and large under militants' control.

The young victim fearing kidnap left her house and was shot when she was on her way to Mazar-e Sharif which is the capital of Balkh Province. It is said she was dragged from the vehicle and shot.

The Balkh police, however, denied the killing for this shameful reason but have confirmed the death and said that at the time when police reached the spot, they found the woman lying on the ground and her body covered in Burqa was soaked in blood.

The militants succeeded in their plans to kidnap and get the young women married off to their war soldiers as a gift, as two girls one from Takhar and another from Badakhshan in the North Afghanistan region were kidnapped and married.

However their plan to kidnap the young women and girls at Bamyan
Province was foiled by Afghan forces who opened fire and chased the militants.

Earlier in March, three women aged between 18 to 20 and employees in a private TV channel were shot dead by militants in coordinated and separate attacks when they were on their way to work. The women, human rights activists, judges are its primary target to shove down the throat of Afghanis about the Taliban's version 'Sharia Law'.

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