Even as America decides who will be their next president, Donald Trump Jr. has sparked a fresh controversy with a tweet predicting results his father’s victory. In a major goof-up, US President Donald Trump’s eldest son shared a distorted map of India, which shows Jammu and Kashmir to be part of Pakistan. 

While predicting a ‘red wave’ across the world, Donald Trump Jr tweeted a world map that indicates majority of the countries are in favour of the Republican Party, with the exception of India, China, Sri Lanka among others. These nations have been shown in blue, indicating they will vote for the Democrat Joe Biden. Interestingly, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bhutan, Bangladesh are all shown in red.

However, what has sparked a fresh row is the fact that the map shared by Donald Trump Jr. shows Jammu and Kashmir & north-eastern states in red, thus depicting it differently from rest of India. 
"Okay, finally got around to making my electoral map prediction," Trump Jr said in a tweet in which he shared the map.

The tweet comes at a time India and China have been at loggerheads since May along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. It may be noted that in September this year, the US President backed India on its stand against the ongoing Chinese aggression. He had said, “I know that China and India are having difficulty and very substantial difficulty. And hopefully, they will be able to work that out... If we can help, we would love to help.”

As far as China is concerned, Donald Trump has vehemently accused Beijing for the Covid-19 pandemic. Often referring to the coronavirus outbreak as China Virus, Trump stopped the funding of the World Health Organization alleging that the UN body colluded with Beijing in delaying the pandemic announcement.