Philadelphia: Former President Barack Obama is returning to Philadelphia on Wednesday for his first in-person 2020 campaign event for Joe Biden.

In 2016, the man known as one of the Democratic Party’s strongest orators delivered Hillary Clinton’s closing argument in the same place — at a rally for thousands the night before Election Day on Independence Mall.

Obama will speak to the importance of early voting and will specifically address Black voters, especially Black men, the campaign said.

Obama is scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia in the early afternoon, where he will participate in at least two events.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the event will be ticketed, without public access. The Biden campaign will offer a limited number of tickets to supporters through local campaign officials. It will also be live streamed on the Biden campaign’s website.

The event will be at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday evening, according to city officials.

“He knows what motivates Joe, what inspires him, why he’s running for office, to bring our country together, to make sure we build back better than we were before, and I don’t think there’s anybody in a better position to view his point and to speak on behalf of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris than former President Obama,” said Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s former senior adviser.

Trump will be in Erie, Pennsylvania on Tuesday night as he is expected to host daily rallies at a dizzying pace leading up to the election.

“The President’s definitely going to ramp up his rally schedule. You’ll recall towards the end of the last cycle he was doing two to three rallies a day. Now he wants to do five rallies a day. Our president is committed to getting out there, engaging with the voters,” said Trump campaign senior adviser Katrina Pierson.

With just two weeks until Election Day, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Biden are racing toward the finish line with a flurry of rallies.