The war of words between US President Donald Trump and his democrat rival Joe Biden has intensified in the run up to the November 3 presidential election.

On Thursday, Trump unleashed another attack on Biden, calling him the 'worst candidate in the history of presidential politics'.

"This is the craziest race--I am running against the worst candidate in the history of Presidential politics and if I lose, it is more pressure. I wish he was good, I would have less pressure. How do you lose to a guy like that?" Trump said, addressing a campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina.

Trump also targeted the Democrats over the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court.

"If we don't win, the Radical Left will destroy our Country. Biden refuses to answer questions on packing the Supreme Court of the United States. Democrats will pack the Court with radical left justices who will empower violent mobs, and protect terrorists & violent criminals,: he said.

Trump said the upcoming Presidential election was a simple choice.

"This election is a simple choice. If Biden wins, China wins and when we win, North Carolina wins and America wins. Biden is a corrupt politician and he has been a corrupt politician for many years and everybody in Washington knows that," Trump said, adding: "If Biden wins, the US will be owned by China."