Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday said that most cases in New York state are those who stayed home and not venturing much outside. He said a majority of those people were either retired or unemployed.

He said that it is shocking as preliminary data was from 100 New York hospitals involving about 1,000 patients. 

In his daily briefing, he said the new admissions which is almost 66% are people who stayed home and 18% are from nursing homes. 

“If you notice, 18% of the people came from nursing homes, less than 1% came from jail or prison, 2% came from the homeless population, 2% from other congregate facilities, but 66% of the people were at home, which is shocking to us,” Cuomo said (as quoted by CNBC).

New York State surpassed 20,000 coronavirus deaths on Wednesday, according to a database run by the state.

In recent weeks, daily coronavirus deaths have decreased in New York but remain in the mid 200s. As of Wednesday night, state data show 20,597 people have died.