Ananya Birla, the daughter of billionaire Kumar Mangalam Birla, has accused a Italian-American dining place in California of being 'racist'

Ananya claimed that she, her brother Aryaman Birla and mother Neerja were "literally thrown out" of the premises by the restaurant.

The singer took to Twitter to share her ordeal at the Scopa Italian Roots restaurant run by chef Antonia Lofaso in California.

Her Tweet read, "We waited for 3 hours to eat at your restaurant. @chefantonia Your waiter Joshua Silverman was extremely rude to my mother, bordering racist. This isn’t okay."

"This restaurant @ScopaRestaurant literally threw my family and I, out of their premises. So racist. So sad. You really need to treat your customers right. Very racist. This is not okay."

Neerja Birla also tweeted about the incident.

She wrote, "Very shocking ..absolutely ridiculous behaviour by @ScopaRestaurant. You have no right to treat any of your customers like this. (sic)."

However, restaurant partner Pablo Moix denied Ananya's claims that her family was thrown out.

Pablo claimed that, in fact, the guests had stayed on to finish their meal.

Pablo was quoted by IANS as saying that the situation became tense when they were asked for their original IDs as required under state law to serve alcohol, which two people in the party had and the others only had copies of them.