There is a rebellion of sorts brewing in Pakistan's Sindh province led by the police with top officials going on mass leave in protest against brazen interference in policing and undeclared martial law.

In a damning indictment of the Pakistan Army and the country's judiciary, the Sindh Bar Council has slammed both establishments over the reported abduction of the inspector general of the Sindh Police.

In a statement, the Sindh Bar Council said: "We are shocked to hear the Pakistani rangers have absucted the IG of Sindh police from his residence and issued orders to assest opposition leader and Maryam Nawaz's husband Muhammad Safdar."

"Leave applications tendered by dozens of senior police officials throughout Sindh citing domaralising of the force due to this brazen interference in policing functions are a sign of complete breakdown of the rule of law and undeclared martial law."

"Unfortunately, the judiciary of Pakistan has remained a silent spectator in the face of this creeping martial law and, indeed, is widely being seen as faciliator of the elements who wish to carry out an extra-judiciary role."

Local Pakistan daily, 'Dawn' reported that "IG Mushtaq Mahar went on a protest leave, and at least two additional inspectors general, seven deputy inspectors general and six senior superintendents of Sindh police also applied for leave Tuesday in order to 'come out of shock' caused by the “episode of registration of FIR against Captain (R) Safdar"

As the rebellion simmered in Sindh, Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa had to step in and order an inquiry to prevent the Sindh police from going on mass protest leave.

Safdar and Maryam, who is also Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz vice president, were in Karachi few days ago to participate in a rally of the opposition's Pakistan Democratic Movement when Safdar was arrested from their hotel room. It is learnt that Safdar was taken into custody by Karachi police for allegedly disrespecting the mausoleum of the country’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Safdar was later released on bail.