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'Modi is scared of our atom bomb, we have more mujahids': Pakistani man's shocker goes viral (WATCH)

In a viral video, a Pakistani man makes outrageous assertions, suggesting that the Modi government is apprehensive of Islamabad's possession of an atom bomb, and insinuating that the country's abundance of 'mujahids' poses a formidable threat to India.

Modi is scared of our atom bomb we have more mujahids Pakistani man's shocker goes viral (WATCH) snt
First Published Apr 12, 2024, 12:04 PM IST

A viral video circulating on social media platform X has captured the attention of global observers, featuring a Pakistani individual making inflammatory and baseless statements aimed at stoking regional tensions. The individual, whose identity remains undisclosed, made a shocking statement, suggesting that the Modi government is intimidated by Pakistan's possession of an atom bomb. He further asserted that while India may boast missiles, Pakistan holds an advantage with its abundance of 'mujahids'.

The video clip has ignited a firestorm of reactions, drawing attention to the complex dynamics between the two neighboring nations. The unidentified speaker's rhetoric implies a sense of confidence in Pakistan's military capabilities, particularly its nuclear arsenal. By invoking the concept of 'mujahids' and framing the discourse within a religious context, he seeks to portray Pakistan as a steadfast defender of Islam and a proponent of jihad, or holy struggle.

"Modi government cannot digest (is scared) of our atom bomb and that's why he is behind Pakistan. They have missiles, but we have Mujahids. We are followers of Allah. We fight for Allah's Deen. Pakistan's motto is jihad," the Pakistani man shockingly claims in the viral video.

By brazenly boasting about Pakistan's nuclear capabilities and invoking religious ideology to justify aggression, the speaker demonstrates a blatant disregard for diplomatic norms and international law. Such reckless rhetoric not only risks exacerbating existing tensions but also raises serious concerns about the potential for miscalculation and conflict escalation.

Several Indian netizens slammed the Pakistani man for his outrageous comments, with one user stating, "I am sure he too is a graduate from St. Madarsa's Convent of Pakistan."

Another irked Indian added, "Modi or any Indian is not afraid of your atom bomb. We are just worried about your intellectual bankruptcy. Pakistanis are the only people in the world who talk of use of nuclear weapon because they do not have faith in their forces."

A third user simply stated, "So much peace talk?"

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