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Israel-Hamas war: IDF reservists prepare for offensive operations amid mobilisation efforts (WATCH)

The article discusses the readiness of IDF reservists, particularly the 252nd Division ('Ozbet Sinai'), as they prepare for offensive operations against Hamas in the Gaza region following extensive mobilisation and logistics efforts.

Israel Hamas war IDF reservists prepare for offensive operations amid mobilisation efforts (WATCH) snt
First Published Oct 17, 2023, 10:09 PM IST

In the wake of several days of intense combat and the successful mobilisation of hundreds of thousands of servicemen, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are poised to launch a series of offensive plans amid the ongoing war with Hamas terrorist organization. The IDF's readiness for these operations has seen the activation of numerous reserve battalions, especially for defense missions in settlements surrounding Gaza. Of particular note is the ongoing preparation of the 252nd Division, known as 'Ozbet Sinai,' for an expansion of combat operations.

At present, the attendance percentage among reservists within Division 252 stands at approximately 120 percent, showcasing the unwavering commitment of these individuals in responding to the security challenges facing the Gaza region.

Brigadier General Moran Omar, Commander of Division 252 ('Ozbet Sinai'), expressed his confidence in the reservists' abilities, highlighting their rapid learning curve, maturity, and resolute determination. General Omar underlined the unity and synergy between regular and reserve forces, all working towards subduing the Hamas threat and ensuring the safety and security of the area.

"The units of the division have been in combat for the past week and these days are training for the next stages. I am confident that the reserve men, like the regular men together, will subdue Hamas. The learning curve of the reservists is very fast, they have a lot of maturity and desire and we feel it. My role is to stay focused on the task and perform it as best as possible according to our abilities. We will do everything necessary, and for those who were not clear, now it is clear," he said in a video shared by IDF on X.

The IDF's extensive logistical efforts and coordinated mobilisation demonstrate the nation's commitment to maintaining peace and security while dealing with the complex challenges posed by the ongoing situation against Hamas. As the IDF prepares to implement its offensive plans, the unity, determination, and steadfastness of its servicemen, both regular and reserve, serve as a testament to their unwavering dedication to safeguarding the region. The readiness and motivation of the 252nd Division and other reserve units underscore the resolve to fulfill their mission with excellence, ensuring the safety of their fellow citizens.

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