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Indonesian man shocked to find out his ‘wife’ is man

A man was shocked to discover that his ‘wife’ was a man. The duo had met online and the man had paid a ‘bride gift’ of $1,430

Indonesian man shocked to find out his 'wife' is man
Jakarta, First Published Jun 11, 2020, 11:53 AM IST
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Jakarta: After paying $1,430 as ‘bride gift’ and marrying, a man was shocked to find out that his ‘wife’ is a man. Later, he divorced him and approached police.

An Indonesian man identified as Muh met Mita online. Then, love blossomed between the duo. After a few chats online and staying awake late night thinking about having kids with ‘her’, he proposed for marriage during a face to face meeting. Even during the meeting, he failed to recognise him as a man.

He also convinced his family who then approached Mita's family and reportedly paid $1,430 as ‘customary gift’ and later got married as per their customs.

The entire region in Kediri district of Indonesia’s Central Java witnessed the marriage and blessed the couple.

But his hopes of having a ‘wonderful night’ were dashed as Mita refused to allow him to touch ‘her’. Muh thought she was scared and decided to approach her the next day.

Unfortunately the same continued and he suspected ‘her’. It was the same story on the third night as well. A frustrated Muh left home and found out that Mita is a man.

Before he could return home, Mita had escaped. But it is not clear how Muh got to know about her. He informed his family and immediately divorced him and later approached police and lodged a complaint against Mita for fraud and defamation. Mita was arrested later.

“After what had happened, the victim was shocked and felt like he was cheated, that the good name of his family and (his) village was tarnished,” Dhafid Shiddiq, who heads the criminal investigation unit at West Lombok Police, was quoted as saying in the local media.

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