Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has written a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seeking a ban on Islamophobic content on the social networking site.

The Pakistan government shared a letter on Twitter in which Imran Khan has said that "growing Islamophobia" is encouraging extremism and violence "across the world" especially through social media platforms.

Khan wrote, "I would ask you to place a similar ban on Islamophobia and hate against Islam for Facebook that you have put in place for the Holocaust."

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The Pakistan PM highlighted that Islam had been associated with terrorism in France and that 'blasphemous cartoons targeting Islam and the Prophet' had been allowed.

Imran Khan claimed that this would lead to further polarization against Muslims in France and asked how a French citizen would distinguish between a 'radical extremist Muslim citizen' and 'the mainstream Muslim citizenry of Islam' if it continued. He also pre-justified that a delay in banning such content would 'inevitably lead to extremism'.