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Emmanuel Macron advocates constitutional protections for women; pushes ‘Right to Terminate Pregnancy’ in EU

In a groundbreaking move, French President Emmanuel Macron declared his ambition to solidify the right to terminate pregnancy and its inclusion in the fundamental law of the European Union. This bold initiative signals a significant push for reproductive rights on a broader European scale.

Emmanuel Macron advocates constitutional protections for women; pushes 'Right to Terminate Pregnancy' in EU avv
First Published Mar 8, 2024, 6:18 PM IST

French President Emmanuel Macron is advocating a fundamental change in the basic law of the European Union. Abortion has been a hot topic in various developing countries where women are fighting to garner abortion rights.

France became the first country in the world to adopt abortion rights in its constitution. The right to Terminate Pregnancy is now a constitutional right in France which allows women to exercise abortion without anyone's permission. The French parliament on Monday in a joint session passed the bill with a landslide 780-72 vote.

Abortion rights have become a contentious issue around the world after the US Supreme Court reversed the Roe vs Wade judgment allowing the sanctioning of abortions. Several protests were carried out in the US as the legality of the right to abortion was eliminated. However, France has risen from contentious debates revolving around the topic and legalised the right to abortion.

French President Emmanuel Macron is now advocating the constitutional right to be passed into the European Union basic law. Macron said, “(In Europe) nothing is set in stone any longer and everything has to be defended. This is why I wish for this guaranteed freedom to resort to an abortion to be inscribed in the European Union's Charter of Fundamental Rights.”

The job would be easier said than done in the context of the European Union as the group consists of 27 member countries and has a rigid structure. Various countries would likely indulge in fierce debates over the inclusion of the newly formed constitutional right that could prompt many Eastern European countries to leave the organization as well.

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