Washington DC: US President Donald Trump on Wednesday (September 16) has said that the COVID-19 vaccine distribution across the United States could be started from October and close to a hundred million doses could be distributed by the end of 2020.

"We are on track to deliver and distribute the vaccine in a very safe and effective manner. We think we can start sometime in October. So as soon as it is announced, we would be able to start mid-October on -- maybe a little bit later but, we will be all set. So as soon as it is given the go-ahead, we will get it out," Trump told reporters here.

Trump further lamented on his Democratic counterpart Joe Biden and said that he 'should stop" promoting "anti-vaccine" theories.

"I call upon Biden to stop promoting his anti-vaccine theories because all they are doing is hurting the importance of what we are doing and I know that if they were in this position, they would be happy to be saying how wonderful it is," Trump said.

The Democrats were "recklessly" endangering lives and "talking negatively" because they "have it (the vaccine)", US President further stated. 

"They are recklessly endangering lives--you cannot do that. This is really a case that they are only talking negative and that's because they know we have it or we will soon have it," Trump said.

According to the Johns Hopkins University data, the US is the worst affected country from the COVID-19 pandemic which has a total of 6,616,458 cases and 196,436 deaths due to the pathogen.