On May 16, Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers was arrested at an anti-lockdown protest in London's Hyde Park. He was among the 19 protesters who were arrested.

According to reports, Piers and protesters gathered on green spaces across the UK holding placards describing the lockdown rules as unlawful and claiming that the government measures were suppressing civil rights.

Police took Piers Corbyn away in handcuffs after he joined with a megaphone, proclaiming that 5G and the coronavirus pandemic were linked.

He said “5G enhances anyone who’s got illness from Covid" and called the lockdown a “pack of lies to brainwash you and keep you in order”.

Earlier this month, protesters took part in a group hug outside Met Police's London headquarters in defiance of the coronavirus lockdown.

The UK has been under lockdown from March 23 to slow the spread of the virus, with people urged to stay at home as much as possible and many businesses and services shut down temporarily.