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Climate activists splash tomato soup on iconic Mona Lisa painting in Paris; video goes viral (WATCH)

In a shocking incident, climate activists threw soup on the Mona Lisa painting displayed at the Louvre museum in Paris on Sunday as a form of protest.

Climate activists splash tomato soup on iconic Mona Lisa painting in Paris; video goes viral (WATCH) snt
First Published Jan 28, 2024, 3:46 PM IST

In a startling act of protest, individuals labeled as eco-activists targeted the iconic Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris on Sunday, partaking in what seems to be a climate-related protest. Two individuals hurled cans resembling tomato soup at Leonardo da Vinci's renowned painting earlier this morning. Subsequently, they breached the museum's barrier and positioned themselves in front of the defaced artwork. One of the activists proceeded to remove her jacket, revealing a white T-shirt bearing the words 'Riposte Alimentaire' in bold black lettering.

The Mona Lisa, renowned for her enigmatic smile and timeless allure, found herself at the center of a disruptive demonstration that marred the tranquility of the museum's halls. According to an AFP journalist, the two protesters were advocating for the right to 'healthy and sustainable food'.

The Mona Lisa, renowned as one of the most valuable paintings globally, holds the Guinness World Record for the highest insurance valuation, estimated at $100 million in 1962, which equates to approximately $1 billion today.

Recently, the masterpiece faced another attack at the Louvre museum in Paris, following a similar incident in May 2022 when someone threw a custard pie at it. However, the painting remained unharmed due to its thick glass casing.

During the recent attack, a man disguised in a wig and women's clothing rolled past the famous artwork in a wheelchair before abruptly standing up and hurling a pie at the canvas. Subsequently, he threw a bouquet of roses into the air before being tackled by Louvre security guards.

Despite the commotion, the bulletproof screen protecting the Mona Lisa prevented any damage to the priceless painting. Bystanders witnessed the incident, capturing photos of the partially obscured artwork covered in pie smears.

The Louvre swiftly responded to the situation, with reception and surveillance agents apprehending the individual and handing him over to the police who arrived at the scene.

In a separate incident in November, eco-activists from Just Stop Oil vandalized the protective glass of the Rokeby Venus painting at the National Gallery. The activists' actions drew criticism after a video surfaced showing them hammering the glass of the priceless oil painting, advocating for tangible action rather than mere words.

The Rokeby Venus, a 17th-century masterpiece by Spanish artist Diego Velazquez, had previously been subjected to damage when Canadian suffragette Mary Richardson slashed it with a butcher's knife over a century ago.

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