California's Scott Perry married the love of his life on May 23. What’s so special about that you might ask. Well, the surprise comes in the form of Perry's wife. Perry's bride is his beloved cat Olivia Le Chat. The duo got married to raise funds for an animal shelter.

The guests showered the couple with their blessings virtually through live streaming. Only animal lovers were invited to the wedding. 

Perry had even created a special wedding website which explained the details of the special event.

“It was love at first sight! Well, sorta — Olivia hopped right into my girlfriend’s lap and right into our hearts!” explains the wedding website. They brought Olivia home and even after Perry’s girlfriend moved on, Olivia sealed her place in his home and heart.

“With the two of us locked down for the crisis, we decided to take the leap and make it official, by offering the world a bright spot to all the bad news out there and to raise money for the very place we met, Best Friends Animal Society NKLA,” Perry adds on the site.