Baloch activist Karima Baloch, who had been living in Canada ever since she escaped persecution in Pakistan in 2016, has been found dead.

Karima Baloch's body was found off an island near Toronto's lakeshore.

Sher Mohammad Bugti, the Central Spokesman of the Baloch Republican Party, said in a statement that the sudden demise of Karima Baloch was no less than a shock. 

"It is the duty of the Government of Canada to investigate the incident and to inform the family and the Baloch nation of all the facts," he said.

Karima Baloch had championed the cause of women in Balochistan and was raised issues pertaining to barbarities perpetrated by Pakistani Army in the region.

Her effort saw her being listed in BBC's top 100 influential women for 2016.

Karima Baloch had to flee Pakistan after the Baloch Students Organization-Azad, an organisation she had been chairperson of, was listed as a terror outfit and banned by the Pakistan government.

Her request for asylum -- fearing for her life due to threats from the Pakistan army and intelligence agencies -- was rejected by the Canadian authorities, but she was allowed to stay on in the country.

Hours after the news of Karima Baloch's death, fingers were being raised at the Pakistani establishment.